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Research directions

The DeLTA Lab is a newly established research laboratory at Northeastern University. We focus on understanding complex emergent phenomena in quantum materials and engineering new long-lived quantum states by interacting with matter at ultrafast timescales. We combine in-house optical and photo-emission tools with experiments at synchrotron and free electron lasers worldwide. See some of our recent results here.

Experimental techniques


Non-linear optical spectroscopy





Current research directions

Accessing non-thermal emergence

Ultrafast light-matter interaction enables accessing new phases of matter without thermal equilibrium counterparts. We use a multimessenger approach to characterize the unique properties of these new emergent phases of matter.

Towards future technology

 Our group aims to develop new sensors, memory, processing schemes by harnessing the unique macroscopic properties of non-thermal phases of matter

Enforcing metastability 

Our group is studying new mechanisms to achieve the long-term stabilization of out-of-equilibrium phases of matter. Current approaches include multi-pump excitations and the combination of light pulses with strain and magnetic fields.

Characterization of quantum matter

The set of complementary spectroscopy tools in the DeLTA lab is uniquely set to probe the collective dynamics of quantum materials.

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